dijous, 21 de juny de 2007

"Serà millor que no anem a l'Orient Mitjà"

There's colors on the street/Red, white and blue/People shufflin' their feet/People sleepin' in their shoes/But there's a warnin' sign/on the road ahead/There's a lot of people sayin'/we'd be better off dead/Don't feel like Satan/but I am to them/So I try to forget it/any way I can/Keep on rockin' in the free world(4x)/I see a woman in the night/With a baby in her hand/Under an old street light/Near a garbage can/Now she puts the kid away/and she's gone to get a hit/She hates her life/and what she's done to it/There's one more kid/that will never go to school/Never get to fall in love/never get to be cool/Keep on rockin' in the free world(4x)/We got a thousand points of light/For the homeless man/We got a kinder, gentler/Machine gun hand/We got department stores/and toilet paper/Got styrofoam boxes/for the ozone layer/Got a man of the people/says keep hope alive/Got fuel to burn/got roads to drive/Keep on rockin' in the free world(4x)

Versió elèctrica i d'estudi (Freedom, 1989):